Afterschool  Program

Afterschool Program

  • Duration : 15:30 ~ 18:30
After-school English programs are out-of-school time activities for elementary school students (years 1~6) organized to encourage the children to improve their leadership and social skills by motivating them to participate in music and acting clubs, interactive learning activities, sports and art programs, recreational fun pastime events, etc.

Pre-reading and readiness skills

Counting, letter recognition, and sounds are all learned while students take turns, listen and share.

Music and art

Students explore and build their emerging skills in all areas.

All weekdays

Fine and gross motor skills

Opportunities abound to develop new skills including writing, coloring, play activities, and more.

Language skills

Language skills

Students learn in a variety of ways, including books, speakers, show and tell, and imaginative play.

These after hour school programs

 greatly improve the physical, mental and social development of children. Engaging the students in entertaining non-academic activities increases their confidence, academic performance, behavior and coordination.

Admittance fee/ 入場料: ¥85.000 (税)

Material/材料費: ¥12.000 (税)

*Afterschool only*

*There will be an additional cost of ¥10.000 for those who want to return after quitting the school once*