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“Our mission is to inspire our students not only intellectually but also spiritually, through participation in the life of the school.”


Qualified Teachers

“Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail to determine their progression.”

What We Offer

we offer our students a personalised approach to learning and each student has their own individual learning plan. Our teaching staff are dedicated professionals who focus on explicit teaching at each child’s point of need. We have high expectations of each student and are committed to providing an engaging learning experience that will see them reach their potential.

Safety First

Safety First

A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages.Without it they are unable to focus on learning.

Certified Teachers

Certified Teachers

Certified teachers is a key factor when it comes to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

Creative Lessons

We should help our students to embrace their creative side as well. we encourage creative problem solving & encourage our students

Pre-reading and readiness skills

Counting, letter recognition, and sounds are all learned while students take turns, listen and share.

Regular Classes

Regular attendance in all classes at school is essential to improving academic achievement.

Music and art

Students explore and build their emerging skills in all areas.

Language skills

Language skills

Students learn in a variety of ways, including books, speakers, show and tell, and imaginative play.

Fine and gross motor skills

Opportunities abound to develop new skills including writing, coloring, play activities, and more.

Qualified Teachers

Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail to determine their progression.

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Oct 08, 2021 3 to 7 pm

Tsukuba, Takezono, 1-chōme 3−1, 1F Ibaraki, Japan 〒305 0032